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    Our real Greek cuisine not only delivers on flavour, but also on authenticity – real Greek ingredients, chefs and music add to the atmosphere.
    Our Founder Elias Solomou

    Elias Solomou


    Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern fusion cuisine
    Food played a valuable part in the Greek mode of thought. Greek food is a lot more than gyros. Delicious food is that which we know, that which we do, and that which we love.

    Our restaurant delivers a really distinctive and exciting atmosphere for patrons looking for a more authentic experience. Many restaurants offer their house pikilia, a platter with a number of various mezedes that could be served immediately to customers looking for a fast or light meal. At the same time that you can discover the above-mentioned restaurants in virtually every portion of the world, to enjoy certain dining experiences you will literary need to go the excess mile.



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    With a cuisine composed of fresh vegetables, a wide selection of meats like lamb, chicken and pork, the Greek diet is well known for being among the healthiest across the world.

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